Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Update

Fr. Glenn is wrapping up his fundraising trips and is due back to Louisiana tomorrow from Tulsa.

Hurricanes permitting, he's returning to Haiti next Monday and taking with him some Louisiana supporters who will spend a week working at the mission. Father has been in contact with the Haitian Mission Director, Bingo, who reports that the 2 storms so far this season have beat up the mission a bit, but so far, there has been no serious property damage or injury to the people.

Some livestock (goats and pigs) were lost though and the roads from the coast to the mission are in really bad shape. There is a shipment of supplies for the mission coming from Minnesota in November, so we really need to hope and pray that the roads can be repaired by then. The longer the supplies have to remain in the port city, the greater the danger of loss to looting and rot.

If anyone would like to contribute, a donation of $50 or so will help purchase livestock to replace those that were lost in Hurricane Gustav.

Please contact Rosa Fontana to donate.

Thank you and God bless you!