Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dieu Grande Louis

18 year old Dieu Grand Louis came to the Kobonal Mission preschool as child very sick and weak. The mission bought a donkey for him as he was too weak to walk to school with the other children. Now he is an exemplary student of Agronomics at the University of Notre Dame on a scholarship offered to the students scoring in the top academic 20% from all the villages far and wide. He is maintaining a 96% grade average.

He is our first scholarship student and Top
student in the Central plateau.

Long distance

Going for supplies is not easy in Haiti. Here is 1 of the 3 trucks on the way to Cape Hatian to retrieve supplies shipped from our supportive parishes in the States. Flooding from Tropical Storm Noel posed quite a problem and we ended up pulling this one out of the deep.

Stuck in the Mud!

One of 3 trucks transporting supplies shipped from MN to Port Au Prince got mired down on the road thanks to rain from Tropical Storm Olga. It took 5 days to travel 60 miles, but they made it!

Frisker Destave, SOLT Haiti Mission Seminarian

Frisker Destave, is our seminarian. Frisker is from the Village of Kobonal and the first vocation from this Village. He is studying in Port Au Prince and resides with the community of Vincentian theologians.